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Aisha Yesufu Continues to Advocate for Peter Obi as Nigeria’s President

Aisha Yesufu Continues to Advocate for Peter Obi as Nigeria's President

Aisha Yesufu, a renowned rights activist, has declared her unwavering support for Peter Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party (LP), in his presidential aspirations.

Yesufu clarified that her support for Obi is not based on religious, tribal, or gender affiliations but on his potential to uplift Nigeria and challenge those hindering the country’s progress.

In a post shared on X, Yesufu emphasized that political allegiance should not be determined by shared religious beliefs, ethnicity, or gender, but by an individual’s ability to govern effectively. She expressed her steadfast backing for Peter Obi as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, even if she ends up being his sole supporter.

Yesufu affirmed her commitment to supporting Obi’s presidential ambitions, stating that she would support him regardless of the number of times he runs for office. She pledged to exert considerable effort in promoting his candidacy, as she believes he possesses the determination and diligence necessary to liberate Nigeria from the grips of those impeding its progress.

The activist underscored her unwavering focus on her own contributions to the cause, emphasizing her refusal to give up despite any instances of election fraud. She expressed her determination to ensure that future elections are not marred by irregularities, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to the cause. Yesufu concluded by stating that surrendering is not an option and that she is prepared to persevere indefinitely.

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