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Zamfara Bread Bakers Begin Strike in Response to Motorcycle Ban

Zamfara Bread Bakers Begin Strike in Response to Motorcycle Ban

The Zamfara State chapter of the Master Bakers Association (MBA) has issued a directive to its members to halt bread production until a resolution is reached with the State Government regarding the ban on motorcycles transporting bread.

The Association firmly denied the allegations that motorcycle riders carrying bread were supplying these products to bandits in the forests.

The State Government recently imposed a ban on motorcycles carrying loaves of bread, asserting that these deliveries were facilitating the provision of bread to bandits operating within the state.

Additionally, the Government prohibited the sale of petroleum in cans, citing concerns that the combination of bread and fuel cans was enabling terrorists to carry out attacks on residents.

Speaking to journalists in Gusau, Mallam Habibu, the State Financial Secretary of the Association, explained that the union would not resume bread production until the matter was resolved with the State Government.

“We have been engaged in a series of meetings with the State Government to address this issue. I am confident that a resolution will be reached in the near future,” he added.

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