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Zamfara Government Bans Fuel Sales in Jerry Cans and Bread on Motorcycles – Insecurity

Zamfara Government Bans Fuel Sales in Jerry Cans and Bread on Motorcycles - Insecurity

The Zamfara State Government has made an announcement regarding the ban on the sale of bread and petroleum in jerry cans to motorists and motorcycle riders.

This decision was reached during the state security council meeting held at the Government House in Gusau. The ban is a response to the illicit activities of certain filling stations that have been selling fuel in jerry cans and loaves of bread to suspected bandits in rural communities within the state.

Commissioner of Information and Culture, Mannir Muazu Haidara, addressed reporters after the meeting and expressed the council’s disappointment with the behavior of some filling stations, bakeries, and bread sellers in rural areas. These entities have been using vehicles and motorcycles to sell petroleum products and bread to individuals believed to be armed bandits. The council has advised them to cease these actions immediately.

In addition to the ban on bread and petroleum sales in jerry cans, the council has also prohibited the use of tinted glass, the covering of number plates, and the use of sirens on unauthorized vehicles. Security agencies have been instructed to apprehend and prosecute those who violate these regulations.

Haidara urged motorists to promptly register their vehicles’ number plates with the relevant government bodies to avoid any legal consequences. Authorities, in collaboration with security agencies, have been empowered to arrest and prosecute individuals who fail to comply.

Furthermore, the commissioner revealed that security agencies have successfully recovered some cattle from bandits. He encouraged citizens whose cattle were stolen to come forward with supporting evidence and follow the necessary procedures to reclaim their rustled animals.


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