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Army Provides Training for Drivers to Operate New Military Vehicles

Army Provides Training for Drivers to Operate New Military Vehicles

On Monday, the Nigerian Army initiated a comprehensive two-week training program for its drivers aimed at equipping them with the skills needed to operate the newly-acquired Tares Mine Protected Vehicles effectively in the field.

The training workshop, conducted by the vehicle providers, was organised by the Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport.

Maj. Gen. Sani Muhammed, the Chief of Training, Army, highlighted that this training aligns with the Chief of Army Staff’s vision of transforming the Nigerian Army into a well-trained, well-equipped, and highly efficient force. These new mine-protected vehicles are an essential addition to the fight against insurgency, and it’s crucial that drivers are trained to use them effectively in various army operations.

Muhammed urged the participants to make the most of this intensive two-week training, as they would play a vital role in training others once they return to their respective missions, ensuring that the knowledge gained contributes to the safety of fellow personnel.

Brig. Gen. Olusola Diya noted that Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have posed a significant challenge in the fight against terrorism in the North-East. The newly-acquired vehicles will enhance troop protection, reducing casualties. This training is designed to provide soldiers with hands-on experience, as they will be the ones using these vehicles in counter-terrorism operations.

One of the trainers, Mr Cedric Valentine from Altum Solutions, explained that the mine-protected vehicles are specifically designed to safeguard personnel, troops, and drivers in the field. The training’s primary goal is to familiarise personnel with these new and advanced MPV vehicles, ensuring they can make the most out of the vehicles while keeping troops safe inside.

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