Portable warns Charles Okocha to come to Lagos if he is brave enough

Portable warns Charles Okocha to come to Lagos if he is brave enough

Nigerian artist Portable and actor Charles Okocha are engaged in a heated exchange, with Portable issuing threats of physical violence.

The dispute began when Portable accused Charles Okocha of cheating him out of a substantial amount of money. Portable claimed that Okocha received 40 million Naira from promoters for a show in Abuja but only gave him a mere 5 million Naira. Feeling deceived, Portable publicly called Okocha a thief for unfair distribution of the funds.

In response, Okocha presented his side of the story, stating that he orchestrated the deal and invited Portable as a guest. Okocha explained that he even arranged and paid for Portable’s travel from Lagos to Abuja for the event. As there was no formal agreement, Okocha believed the payment of 5 million Naira was reasonable.

However, Portable disagreed with this arrangement, feeling cheated by receiving only 5 million Naira. He retaliated by challenging Okocha to a confrontation in Lagos, implying that it could escalate into a physical altercation if Okocha were to appear.

This clash has generated significant attention on social media, with fans and followers divided in their opinions. Some speculate that it may be a publicity stunt to draw attention to their current projects, while others believe it to be genuine given the controversial nature of both celebrities.

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