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Oyo monarchs: Obasanjo reaffirms his stance

Oyo monarchs: Obasanjo reaffirms his stance
Oyo monarchs: Obasanjo reaffirms his stance

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has reiterated his belief that governors deserve respect and should be accorded their due protocol and dignity as enshrined in the constitution.

Obasanjo, in a statement through his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Akinyemi, reaffirmed his stance on this matter.

He stressed that the office of a state governor holds the highest authority in the state, and as such, it is essential to uphold the respect and dignity associated with that position, in accordance with the constitution.

Obasanjo provided context for his recent order to monarchs to stand in respect for Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State. He explained that his action was prompted by the monarchs’ perceived lack of respect for the governor during an event. Obasanjo recounted that when he and the governor arrived at the venue, all present rose as per protocol, except for the monarchs, who remained seated.

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The former President found this to be a breach of protocol and a display of disrespect for the governor’s office. He stated that in Yoruba culture, as well as according to the constitution, the governor is the leader of the state and deserves respect regardless of his age or status.

Obasanjo emphasised that it is crucial to observe these protocols as they maintain respect in society. He clarified that his intention was to remind the monarchs that respecting authority figures, including the governor, is in line with Yoruba culture and constitutional principles.

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While reiterating his deep respect for traditional rulers, Obasanjo emphasised the importance of upholding both cultural norms and constitutional arrangements. He highlighted that culture and the constitution can coexist harmoniously, with each playing its respective role in society.

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