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Kano Protest Praised for Orderly and Peaceful Conduct by CP

Kano Protest Praised for Orderly and Peaceful Conduct by CP

Mohammed Husseini Gumel, the Commissioner of Police in Kano State, has expressed appreciation for the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) branch in the state for their peaceful and well-organised protests addressing the current economic challenges in the country.

Gumel conveyed his commendation during an interview with journalists shortly after the protests took place in Kano on Tuesday.

He stated that the demonstrations were seamless, with the protesters conducting themselves in an orderly manner and showing respect towards government officials, including the Head of Service.

The Commissioner highlighted that both the police, other law enforcement agencies, and the general public acknowledged and appreciated the peaceful nature of the protests.

The NLC officials initiated their protest march at the Kano Race Course, proceeded through Lodge Road, and concluded at the Government House, where they were received by the Head of Service, Abdullahi Musa.

During the event, Kabiru Inuwa, the Chairman of the state branch of the NLC, reiterated the union’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of the people. He urged Governor Abba Yusuf to advocate for addressing the hardships faced by the populace, requesting the President’s intervention.

The peaceful conduct of the protests in Kano reflects the NLC’s determination to raise awareness about the economic challenges and advocate for the welfare of the citizens.

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