“If you can allow a man to be inside you then you shouldn’t have a problem washing his underwear” – Ugandan radio personality addresses women (video)

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Popular Ugandan radio personality Rahma Mababazi better known as Lucky Mbabazi has advised women to wash their men’s underwear. 


According to the presenter, who is married to an acclaimed sports journalist, if women can allow men to be ”inside them” they then should not have any problem washing their underwear. 


“I heard some women complaining that they can’t wash their men’s underwear. If you can allow that man to be inside you, you can wash his underwear,” she said.


“What are you afraid of? What are you going to find in the underwear? You’re afraid of germs? You eat each other’s germs,” 


She also encouraged men to wash their women’s underwears when asked to do so. 





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