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CAN Urges Federal Government to Address Nigeria’s Challenges on Independence Day

CAN Urges Federal Government to Address Nigeria's Challenges on Independence Day

CAN has extended its congratulations to the people and government of Nigeria on the occasion of the country’s 63rd Independence Anniversary celebration. However, in its statement, CAN emphasized the need for the Federal Government to prioritize addressing critical challenges facing the nation.

The association acknowledged the progress Nigeria has made as a nation but also highlighted the pressing economic challenges and the escalating state of insecurity that need urgent attention. CAN called on the government to implement sustainable economic policies to stabilize the Nigerian currency, attract investments, and revitalize key sectors. It stressed the importance of creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to generate employment opportunities and alleviate poverty.

CAN also expressed deep concern about the escalating state of insecurity, particularly in the Southeast region, and called on the government to intensify efforts in combating terrorism, banditry, and other criminal activities. It urged the allocation of adequate resources to security agencies and emphasized the importance of collaboration with local communities and intelligence gathering.

The association emphasized the need for unity and national cohesion, highlighting that Nigeria’s diversity is its strength. It urged harnessing this diversity for the common good of all citizens and building bridges of understanding.

Additionally, CAN encouraged the government to prioritize education and healthcare, emphasizing that quality education and accessible healthcare are fundamental rights that should be guaranteed to every Nigerian.

CAN also acknowledged the ongoing negotiations between the Federal Government and labor unions regarding the removal of fuel subsidies. It urged both parties to find a balanced solution that minimizes the impact on vulnerable Nigerians, recognizing the economic adjustments and resulting distress and hardship.

In conclusion, CAN called on Nigerians not to forget the challenges facing the nation as they celebrate Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary. It emphasized the importance of addressing these challenges to ensure progress and development for all citizens.

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