DSS refutes allegations of arresting Emefiele

DSS refutes allegations of arresting Emefiele

Amidst rumors and speculations surrounding the alleged detention of the suspended Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele, the Department of State Services (DSS) has come forward to deny these claims.

In a statement made on Saturday, Dr. Peter Afunanya, the spokesperson for the DSS, addressed the matter and clarified that Mr. Emefiele was not in the custody of their agency. The statement was conveyed through a mail sent to Vanguard, providing official confirmation from the DSS.

By providing this clarification, the DSS aimed to dispel any misinformation or misunderstanding regarding the status of Godwin Emefiele. This statement from the DSS spokesperson sought to assure the public that the suspended Central Bank Governor was not under their jurisdiction or in their custody.

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Afunanya while responding to claims that the CBN Governor had been arrested by the secret police said: “Currently, Emefiele is not with the DSS”.

The widely reported news of the alleged arrest of Godwin Emefiele, following his suspension from office by the President, remains fresh in people’s minds. Various online media outlets circulated these reports, adding to the speculation and uncertainty surrounding the situation. However, the precise circumstances surrounding Emefiele’s alleged arrest and subsequent detention remain unclear.

There are conflicting details as to whether Emefiele was simply invited to appear before the Department of State Services (DSS) or if there were intentions to take legal action against him. The DSS had previously expressed interest in investigating undisclosed matters related to Emefiele earlier in the year. However, the exact reasons and nature of these investigations remain undisclosed.

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The lack of clear information regarding Emefiele’s potential invitation or arrest adds to the complexity of the situation. While reports of the arrest were widely circulated, the precise details of the events leading up to it are yet to be fully understood.

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