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Bishop Kukah Criticises Distribution of Palliatives in Nigeria as a Degrading Situation

Bishop Kukah Criticises Distribution of Palliatives in Nigeria as a Degrading Situation

Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese has expressed his dissatisfaction with the way palliatives are being distributed to Nigerians amidst the prevailing hardships in the country. He believes that such actions strip people of their dignity and urges governments to devise more effective plans to address the nation’s challenges.

During an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Bishop Kukah shared his perspective on the matter. The recent floatation of the naira and the removal of fuel subsidies have resulted in soaring inflation rates and an increase in the cost of living, exacerbating the economic hardships faced by Nigerians.

In response to this crisis and the growing hunger, governments at various levels have implemented palliative measures, including the distribution of food items to vulnerable populations, in an attempt to alleviate the hardship nationwide.

However, Bishop Kukah argues that people desire a return to normalcy and calls on the government to prioritise addressing the issue of insecurity. He emphasizes the need for a more comprehensive government program that moves beyond the mere distribution of palliatives, particularly when the country is not at war.

He states, “We need to see a much more robust program designed by the government to help us move away from just lining up and collecting palliatives when we are not at war. I think it is the height of indignity to witness Nigerians queuing under the scorching sun every day, waiting to receive bags of rice that often never arrive. This is not because money has not been provided, but because it is widely known that a significant portion of the funds allocated for such purposes is often misappropriated. Nigerians are not seeking handouts.”

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