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Bishop Kukah Calls on Nigerian Leaders to Address the Country’s Challenges

Bishop Kukah Calls on Nigerian Leaders to Address the Country's Challenges

Most Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Bishop of the Sokoto Dioceses, has urged Nigerians to maintain their faith in the country and emphasized the need for self-examination and repentance as individuals.

Speaking during an interactive session with journalists as part of the Christmas celebrations in Sokoto, Bishop Kukah advised leaders to be truthful and take actions that contribute to solving the nation’s challenges.

While acknowledging Nigeria’s abundant human and mineral resources, Bishop Kukah expressed concerns about the management of these resources. He lamented the lack of patriotism and called on governments at all levels to prioritize meeting the aspirations of the citizens through constructive policies and decision-making frameworks.

Bishop Kukah cautioned against the accumulation of illicit funds in foreign banks and highlighted the need to appreciate and support talented Nigerians in various sectors such as healthcare and academia. He also stressed the importance of implementing measures to address the impact of fuel subsidy removal and to effectively tackle security challenges, including kidnapping.

The bishop appealed to leaders to establish a credible direction for the Renewed Hope Agenda, rooted in faith and hope for the restoration of the nation’s glory. He encouraged the government to focus on policies that have a meaningful impact on citizens rather than sensationalizing fraud investigations. Additionally, Bishop Kukah emphasized the importance of infrastructure development, adopting scientific approaches to combat corruption, and prioritizing the well-being of the poor and vulnerable in society.

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