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Support Grows for Kukah as Bitrus, Shettima, Yusuf Call for Firm Action against Banditry

Support Grows for Kukah as Bitrus, Shettima, Yusuf Call for Firm Action against Banditry

There has been a growing chorus of voices expressing their discontent with the situation of against Banditry. One prominent figure who has spoken out against the disturbing trend is Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese. Bishop Kukah believes that individuals with close ties to the bandits should be held accountable and thoroughly investigated, as their comments may worsen the situation. He specifically questions why the Federal Government has not taken steps to investigate those claiming to have connections with the bandits.

During an interview, Bishop Kukah expressed his concerns about the frequent kidnappings of schoolchildren and criticised the government for not taking decisive action to end these abductions. He emphasized the need for the government to identify and interrogate individuals who claim to know the whereabouts of the bandits or collaborate with them.

Bishop Kukah’s call for action comes shortly after the release of 137 schoolchildren who were kidnapped in Kuriga, Kaduna State. The month of March has witnessed a surge in kidnapping cases, with bandits targeting various regions in the country.

Meanwhile, Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi has consistently advocated for a non-violent approach towards the bandits, suggesting that the government should address their grievances and consider their demands. Some interpret Gumi’s statements as implying that he may have knowledge of the bandits’ whereabouts and potential alliances. Others believe he may be working in collaboration with the bandits. These perspectives have led to calls for Gumi’s arrest and interrogation to uncover the truth behind the insecurity crisis.

The Nigerian government has taken note of Gumi’s comments and has invited him for questioning regarding his statements on the activities of bandits. The Minister of Information and Orientation, Mohammed Idris, emphasized that nobody is above the law, and if Gumi’s suggestions are constructive, they will be considered. However, if his statements are deemed reckless, he will face reprimand.

Bishop Kukah’s call for thorough investigation and interrogation of individuals associated with the bandits has received support from various quarters. Dr. Pogu Bitrus, President of the Middle Belt Forum, commended Kukah for voicing the concerns shared by many Nigerians. He stressed the importance of investigating individuals associated with criminals and blamed the government for allowing insecurity to persist.

Hon Shehu Yusuf, a former lawmaker in the Katsina State House of Assembly, also expressed his full support for Bishop Kukah’s position. He emphasized the need for individuals claiming ties with the bandits to be questioned and urged Nigerians to pressure the government to heed Kukah’s call.

Alhaji Yerima Shettima, President of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, echoed the sentiments of Bishop Kukah and the others, stating that no Nigerian citizen is content with criminals holding the country hostage. He emphasized the importance of the government’s efforts to identify and punish the sponsors and associates of these criminals.

As concerns mount over the deteriorating security situation, many Nigerians are calling for decisive action against banditry and the individuals involved, in order to restore peace and stability to the nation.

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