“You for come for morning when people go see us well” – Blessing Okoro’s Team Criticises Nkechi Blessing

“You for come for morning when people go see us well” - Blessing Okoro's Team Criticises Nkechi Blessing

Blessing Okoro’s team has responded to Nkechi Blessing’s unexpected visit to their physical store. In their social media posts, they criticised her, suggesting that if she truly wanted a physical confrontation, she should have come in the morning when everyone could be present and the sun was out. They also mentioned not being able to see her car and advised her to park and wait instead of just driving by.

Previously, Vistanaij Media had reported that Nkechi Blessing had arrived at Blessing Okoro’s therapy lounge, “Break It or Make It,” where she had threatened Okoro with physical violence.

This altercation stemmed from Blessing Okoro’s earlier criticism of Nkechi Blessing, claiming that she was all talk and no action. To prove Okoro wrong, Nkechi Blessing resorted to physically visiting Okoro’s location to demonstrate that she could take action.

It’s worth noting that Okoro had also criticized Nkechi Blessing for associating with younger men disguised as boyfriends and had called out her current boyfriend for being weak. Okoro hinted that she knew details about Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend and might share them if provoked.

Additionally, Okoro exposed Nkechi Blessing as a deceptive individual who had misled gullible Nigerians. Okoro revealed that Nkechi had lied about being married, staging a fake wedding shoot and even purchasing a ring to convince netizens that she was a married woman.

Nkechi Blessing had previously criticized Okoro for presenting herself as a relationship expert despite lacking a stable relationship. In response, Blessing Okoro stated that she would prefer not being in a relationship rather than being in Nkechi Blessing’s position.


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