Yomi Fabiyi calls out Iyabo Ojo for not supporting her children and questions her motherhood, following allegations of Naira Marley drugging them

Yomi Fabiyi calls out Iyabo Ojo for not supporting her children and questions her motherhood, following allegations of Naira Marley drugging them

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has publicly criticized his colleague Iyabo Ojo regarding her accusations that troubled musician Naira Marley drugged her children.

Last week, Iyabo, who has been actively supporting the late singer Mohbad, claimed that Naira Marley had been secretly adding drugs to her children’s meals whenever they visited him. She asserted that the singer had given drugs to her two adult children, Priscilla and Festus, and insisted that she had witnesses to corroborate her allegations.

In response, Yomi questioned why Iyabo had not taken any action despite calling herself a mother. He also raised concerns about why she would send her adult children to his house. Yomi asserted his belief that Iyabo had fabricated the lie to further incriminate Naira Marley, emphasizing that no responsible mother would allow such harm to come to their children and remain silent.

Furthermore, Yomi expressed his expectation that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) would summon Iyabo’s children for questioning and investigation.

“I don’t know why Iyabo was sending her children who are adults to Naira Marley’s house in the first place. She stated that Naira was putting drugs in their food and She called herself a mother. She never came out to fight for her children then…maybe she just cooked up this lie to implicate Naira. Why was her daughter laced with drugs if she was not into drugs already? Which mother will keep quiet in such a situation? The NDLEA and the police heard what she said and they are keeping mute. How will this country get better? I expect The NDLEA to invite her to bring her children and investigate her”.

Following a confrontation by social media activist Very Dark Man regarding her previous relationship with the disgraced singer, Iyabo Ojo has been facing these allegations.

The two engaged in a heated dispute, publicly revealing damaging information about each other. Very Dark Man even released video evidence to substantiate the claim that Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley had a close connection in the past.

According to Very Dark Man, Iyabo and Naira Marley were so intimate that he even sent her flowers. In the video, Very Dark Man stated that initially Iyabo believed the flowers were intended for her daughter, implying that there may have been something going on between Naira Marley, Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, and herself.

In response, Iyabo Ojo delved into Very Dark Man’s own history, highlighting how slut-shaming is often used as a weapon against women, but she asserted that this tactic is outdated. She further expressed that her critics and detractors would need to gather millions of supporters as they do not measure up to her.

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