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Why African Youths Back Military Coups – Obasanjo

Why African Youths Back Military Coups – Obasanjo
Why African Youths Back Military Coups – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has provided an explanation for why African youths are showing support for military coups taking place across the continent.

Obasanjo suggested that these coups indicate a yearning among the youth for liberators.

During an interactive session in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, with a group of youths from the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative (A4A), founded by Reverend Chris Oyakhilome, Obasanjo shared his perspective. He emphasized that he would not endorse a coup due to his past experiences under the late General Sanni Abacha’s rule but acknowledged that specific conditions were contributing to military takeovers in Africa.

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Obasanjo, who has served as both a military and democratically elected president in Nigeria, explained that the youth’s support for coups in Africa stems from their desire for liberation. Over the past two years, Africa has witnessed coups in seven countries, including the most recent ones in Niger and Gabon.

He stressed that to prevent coups, Africa should address the underlying conditions that encourage them, adding that African leaders must establish genuine democratic principles infused with divine attributes. Obasanjo also remarked that leaders who have been in power for extended periods without showing signs of fatigue might need to consider retirement.

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