Tonto Dikeh Criticizes Police for Sam Larry’s Statement, Insists on Justice for Mohbad

Tonto Dikeh Criticizes Police for Sam Larry's Statement, Insists on Justice for Mohbad

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has responded to the first public statement made by Sam Larry following his recent arrest by the Nigerian police.

According to a report by Vistanaij Media on Thursday night, the Lagos Police Command confirmed Sam Larry’s arrest and stated that he is currently cooperating with the police during their investigation.

In his initial statement, Sam Larry denied any involvement in the death of Mohbad, emphasizing that the incident had been gravely misunderstood. He addressed the widely circulated video of him assaulting Mohbad, explaining that he had paid Mohbad to perform at his mother’s bridal ceremony, but Mohbad failed to show up. Consequently, he confronted him during a shoot to resolve the issue.

However, many people found his explanation unconvincing and believed it was an attempt to portray himself as innocent.

Tonto, who has been at the forefront of celebrities advocating for justice for the deceased, took to her Instagram page to criticize the Nigerian police. She noted that the news of Sam Larry’s arrest was only made public because Nigerians were closely following the case.

Tonto expressed her disappointment with Sam Larry’s statement, considering it to be nothing more than a childish act. She emphasized that regardless of the tactics employed by the police, Nigerians must ensure justice is served for Mohbad.

The news of Sam Larry being in Nigeria was only released by the police because we had eyes on the ground and released a video 1st (check the timing and make your conclusions). Now after seeing the child’s play statement didn’t make it, they now say it’s fake.
No matter what they do we must get justice for Mohbad”.

Tonto Dikeh Criticizes Police for Sam Larry's Statement, Insists on Justice for Mohbad

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