Solomon Buchi reminds men that proposing marriage is not a favour to women

Solomon Buchi reminds men that proposing marriage is not a favor to women

Solomon Buchi, a respected relationship expert renowned for his frank viewpoints, has offered valuable counsel to men contemplating marriage.

In his recent words of wisdom, Buchi emphasized that when a man proposes to a woman, he should not perceive it as a favor, and it is crucial to dispel the notion that women require marriage to improve their lives.

Buchi’s message addresses a prevalent misconception: the belief that a woman’s life can only attain completeness or fulfillment through marriage. He further urged Nigerian men to refrain from being influenced by exaggerated portrayals in Nollywood films that perpetuate such ideas.

Dear men,

When you’re asking a woman to marry you, you’re not saving her. You’re not taking away her shame; there’s no shame there. You’re not doing her a favour. Stop sounding like she needs to marry you to get life fixed, and if she rejects you, she won’t suffer, neither would she regret it.

You’re not the only great guy as you’ve made yourself believe. Reduce watching Nollywood too.”

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