Pastor Adebayo Unveils – “I Fasted for 40 Days and Nights at 80 Years Old”

Pastor Adebayo Unveils - "I Fasted for 40 Days and Nights at 80 Years Old"

During a recent service, Pastor Adeboye, the highly respected leader of the Redeemed Christian Church, made a surprising revelation to his congregation. At the age of 81, he shared a remarkable achievement of fasting for more than 40 days and nights when he had just turned 80 years old.

In his sermon, Pastor Adeboye disclosed that many people had discouraged him from undertaking such a feat. They believed he was too old and expressed concerns about potential health complications. Some even suggested that God would understand if he chose not to fast.

However, Pastor Adeboye remained resolute, driven by a deep conviction regarding the spiritual significance of his fast. Initially planning to fast for only 10 days, he surpassed his initial goal.

During this period, he experienced leg pain, which led him to use an armchair for teaching and preaching two years ago. However, in his recent sermon, he joyfully revealed that his health has been restored, standing tall before the congregation.

In his message, Pastor Adeboye emphasized that fasting is not limited by age but rather guided by spiritual purpose. He encouraged believers to embrace fasting when spiritually compelled, regardless of their age.

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