Old Video Surfaces – Naira Marley Admits Previous Criminal Record, Netizens Discover 124 US Arrests

Old Video Surfaces - Naira Marley Admits Previous Criminal Record, Netizens Discover 124 US Arrests
Old Video Surfaces - Naira Marley Admits Previous Criminal Record, Netizens Discover 124 US Arrests

The Nigerian entertainment industry is grappling with shock and grief following the sudden loss of rising star Mohbad, which has triggered a wave of controversies and accusations.

Among those facing scrutiny is the controversial musician Naira Marley, as netizens, driven by suspicions surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death, have resurfaced an old video in which Naira Marley shockingly admits to being arrested a staggering 124 times.

Mohbad’s tragic demise has shaken the industry, leaving lingering questions about the circumstances surrounding his passing unanswered. While initial reports suggested that complications from an ear infection were to blame, subsequent evidence and unsettling videos have raised suspicions of foul play.

One particularly unsettling revelation is the rediscovered video featuring Naira Marley casually confessing to an astonishing 124 arrests. Its rediscovery coincides with the belief held by many netizens that Naira Marley may have some connection to Mohbad’s passing.

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The controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death has sparked intense debates within the entertainment community. While some believe the artist fell victim to a tragic medical condition, others suspect there is more to the story.

A significant contributing factor to these speculations is a video showing Sam Larry, Naira Marley’s aide, physically assaulting Mohbad, deepening the mystery surrounding the circumstances of his death. The shocking footage has spread widely on social media, prompting widespread questioning of the events leading up to the tragic incident.

Prior to Mohbad’s untimely demise, he openly discussed the strained relationship between himself and Marlian Records, the record label founded by Naira Marley. These revelations have raised concerns and further fueled suspicions about the true nature of his passing.

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Naira Marley has not remained silent in the face of these allegations. He released a statement expressing his determination to uncover the truth behind Mohbad’s death, claiming there was no animosity between them and portraying himself as a supportive figure in Mohbad’s career.

However, a recent statement from Mohbad’s team contradicts Naira Marley’s claims. The team revealed unpaid royalties and Mohbad’s initiation of legal action against Marlian Records before his tragic passing.

As the investigation into Mohbad’s death continues, the entertainment community remains divided, with netizens taking to social media to express their suspicions.

The resurfaced video of Naira Marley admitting to 124 arrests has further complicated matters for him, providing additional evidence that fuels skepticism about his character and intentions.

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