Naira Marley Breaks Silence, Denies Fighting or Bullying Mohbad, and Makes Promise

Naira Marley Breaks Silence, Denies Fighting or Bullying Mohbad, and Makes Promise

Nigerian musician, Naira Marley, has recently addressed the accusations of assaulting his former artist, Mohbad, putting an end to his silence.

Through a statement posted on his Instagram account, Naira Marley vehemently denied engaging in any physical altercation, aggression, bullying, or harassment towards Mohbad.

He clarified that the speculations regarding his record label being involved in drug-related activities are false, emphasizing that he has no association with drug trafficking or any secret societies.

Naira Marley expressed his commitment to proving his innocence and actively cooperating with the authorities, providing substantial evidence to clear his name.

In the last few days, there has been a lot of onslaught on my person and reputation globally over the death of my former signee. I have not only been in shock over the death of the deceased whom I considered to be my brother and member of our music family but over the various lies spread and threats against me.

Before I progress further, let me say that as it is traumatic for a lot of people to bear the nearly of Ilori’s death, so it is to me. May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace and may God grant his family the fortitude to bear the inseparable loss.

Permit me to categorically state that I have no hand in the death of Ileriouluwa, either directly or indirectly. It is not unusual in the industry, just like in several other industries to have family friction, even amongst blood relatives. Truly, we had our own share of misunderstandings whilst working together, but the disagreement between us was never to the extent being painted by some hirelings. It never degenerated to the extent of wishing each other death. Even at that, we were resolving our business disputes legally before he passed on.

I have chosen not to say anything, due to being distraught over his death and in order not to jeopardize the investigation being carried out by the government agencies.

In addition, I have been out of the country since the 31st of August, 2023 and I’m yet to return. In light of the police invitation, I am making arrangements to return to the country to assist in the investigation and give my version of the events. I am fully cooperating with the Police team and I certainly have no reason to be a fugitive when I have no hand in his death……

The rumors regarding the label being a drug cartel are untrue. I am not a drug lord, neither do I Marley belong to any cult or fraternity. I’m dedicated to proving my innocence and cooperating with the authorities to clear my name with sufficient evidence.

Marlian Music is an independent label run by a small intimate team
We run a legitimate label that focuses on championing exceptional talent, breaking new acts, and nurturing them.

I will like to clearly state that I have never fought or attacked Mohbad. For the avoidance of doubt, I have never instructed anyone, friends, or known associates or fans to attack, bully or harass Mohbad. With regards to the talent on the label, none of our artists fought or mistreated Mohbad”.

Naira Marley Breaks Silence, Denies Fighting or Bullying Mohbad, and Makes Promise

Taking to the comment section, many people slammed him for gaslighting the public 

One Sojemina wrote, “Lol gaslighting

One Monic Value wrote, “No peace for the wicked, you mind no fit touch ground

One Sugar Baby wrote, “Go to station to go and report urself

One Just Mhide wrote, “Gaslighting a its finest

One Real Mercy Jacobs wrote, “But he say if anything happen to am make dem hold u responsible

One Stitches By Zinny wrote, “Werey evidence plenty

One Black Bhabee wrote, “Jesus, this guy the lie God. U never had a fight with him? U d lie ghan”

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