Man from Anambra Accused of Murdering and Burying Mother and Sister in Shallow Grave in Enugu (Graphics Video)

Man from Anambra Accused of Murdering and Burying Mother and Sister in Shallow Grave in Enugu (Graphics Video)

In a tragic turn of events, Somadina Orji, a resident of Igboariam in Anambra State, is accused of the heinous act of murdering his mother, Mrs. Charity Orji, and sister, Miss Ukamaka Orji, and subsequently burying them in a shallow grave at their backyard in Enugu State. The incident occurred on Monday, December 4th, 2023, in Umuagu Inyi, within the Oji River Local Government area of Enugu State.

The alarming situation came to light after Somadina’s younger sister had been missing for several weeks. Reports suggest that following a confrontation with his younger brother, which their mother intervened in, Somadina was asked to leave the house. Shortly after, Mrs. Charity Orji, described as a hardworking woman who provided for her family by selling fufu, was allegedly murdered by her son.

The younger brother, upon failing to find his mother upon his return, alerted the villagers, leading to a gathering and interrogation of Somadina. In a shocking confession, he admitted to killing both his mother and sister. A disturbing video circulating online shows Somadina excavating the body of his mother from the grave, with visible signs of blood from her ear and her body still in a fresh state. The sister’s body, which had decomposed, was also exhumed, with her bones being collected in a blue plastic bag.

In the video, villagers can be heard lamenting the loss of Mrs. Orji, praising her hard work and dedication to her family. They also express their frustration and anger toward Somadina, who is referred to as a drug addict. There were even discussions among the villagers about giving Somadina the same fate as his mother and sister, should the police permit such action.

Authorities have since been involved, with the police taking custody of the remains and depositing them at the mortuary. Somadina Orji has been detained as investigations continue into this harrowing and deeply unsettling incident.

Watch the video below:


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