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Labour Stands Firm Despite DSS Warning and Hardship Concerns – Nationwide Protest

Labour Stands Firm Despite DSS Warning and Hardship Concerns - Nationwide Protest

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has opted to disregard the security advisory issued by the Department of State Services (DSS), urging the union to cancel its scheduled nationwide protest.

Earlier this week, the NLC began mobilizing its members for the mass protest planned for February 27 and 28, in response to the prevailing cost of living crisis in the country.

However, the DSS released a statement on Wednesday through its spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, appealing to the union to abandon its plans in the interest of peace and public order.

The secret police encouraged the NLC to engage in dialogue with the government, cautioning that the planned protest had the potential to escalate tensions and incite violence within the nation.

“The DSS further urges all parties to pursue dialogue and negotiation instead of engaging in activities that could exacerbate tensions. This is particularly important as the Service is aware of certain elements planning to exploit the protest as an opportunity to provoke crises and, consequently, widespread violence,” the statement read.

In a swift response, NLC President Joe Ajaero reaffirmed on Wednesday that there would be no backing down on the protest, citing the immense hardship inflicted on Nigerians due to certain policies implemented by the current administration.

Ajaero assured that the protest would be conducted peacefully, while urging the security agencies to identify and apprehend any individuals or groups attempting to hijack the process.

“Our protest is a peaceful one, aimed at addressing the intolerable cost of living that even the underprivileged staff of the Service also suffer from. We cannot sit idly by and pretend that everything is fine. Such complacency would be a grave betrayal that history would not forgive,” Ajaero stated.

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