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FG Says “It Is Mandatory For Workers To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine”

FG Says “It Is Mandatory For Workers To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine”

Workers who are yet to be vaccinated were prevented from entering the secretariat following December 1 mandate

The Federal Government on Tuesday prevented workers who are yet to be vaccinated from gaining entry to their offices at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja.

The move is meant to make sure that the safety of the civil servants in their work following the rising numbers of COVID infections being experienced worldwide.

Workers who did not have a vaccine jab certificate were held up at the secretariat entrance to ensure that they take the vaccine mandate issued by the government seriously.

The mandate is already getting a positive result as the Primary Health Care centres around the country’s capital started to experience an increase in the number of people waiting to get their jabs ever since.

There has been a lot of unsubstantiated views being propagated unchecked about the vaccines that is encouraging the vaccine apathy that has ensured that the percentage of vaccinated Nigerians have been low.

Some health experts have even suggested that the country will struggle to vaccinate up to 40% of its population before the end of the year as the infection is not being taken seriously in the country.

With the increased danger of the newly discovered Omicron variant in the country, the government is trying its best to increase the vaccine uptake numbers as much as possible. This move to ensure that civil servants get vaccinated is geared to improve those numbers whilst reducing apathy.

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