Daniel Regha Asks – “Why Is Alex Otti Praised for Geometric Power Plant?”

Daniel Regha Asks - “Why Is Alex Otti Praised for Geometric Power Plant?”

In a recent social media statement, controversial media figure Daniel Regha shared his thoughts on Alex Otti’s tenure in Abia State.

On the X platform, he questioned the widespread praise for Otti regarding the geometric power plant, arguing that it was a project initiated by Bartholomew Nnaji. Regha emphasized that Otti merely inherited the project as governor and did not spearhead its development.

He asked, “tell me why Alex Otti is getting the applause over the geometric power plant. Once again, he’s just privileged to be the sitting governor. This is not the work of his administration. Give credit to the right person.”

He further asserted that credit should only be attributed to a governor’s administration if they initiated a project, rather than if they simply concluded it. Regha’s remarks underscored his skepticism towards Otti’s role in the power plant’s development.

He said, “a governor should only get applause or credit when they or their administration started the project or when they are the major reason behind its success. We have seen cases where a sitting governor is praised for jobs that were literally done by their predecessors. Politics, yes, but it’s the same as taking credit for someone else’s efforts.”

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