Blessing Okoro sets the record straight in a recent video – “IVD and I never dated”

Blessing Okoro sets the record straight in a recent video - "IVD and I never dated"

Blessing Okoro addresses rumors surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with businessman IVD, setting things straight in a recent video. Dismissing the speculation, she clarifies that their relationship was purely platonic, emphasizing that the tattoo IVD got of her was a symbol of gratitude for her friendship during his difficult times.

Over the past year, Blessing Okoro and IVD have faced controversies and whispers about their supposed romance. Amidst the loss of his wife, IVD seemingly moved on quickly, which drew criticism. However, Blessing Okoro defended their connection, asserting that it was based on friendship.

Following a period of silence between them, recent events thrust them back into the spotlight. Blessing Okoro accused a widow of owing IVD money for a car, leading to a public feud. However, IVD promptly refuted the claim by sharing messages and a voice note to debunk Blessing’s allegations.

In a public apology, IVD clarified that the matter had been privately resolved with the widow. Expressing regret for not keeping Blessing Okoro informed, he extended apologies to her and the widow, aiming to put an end to the brewing drama. This latest twist in the Blessing Okoro and IVD saga has created a buzz in the entertainment scene.

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