BBNaija’s Kess Criticizes Wife for Accusing Him of Affair with Colleague Christy O

BBNaija's Kess Criticizes Wife for Accusing Him of Affair with Colleague Christy O

Kess, a participant in the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ reality show, has finally responded to his wife’s accusations of having an affair with fellow housemate Christy O.

According to a recent report by Vistanaij Media, their marriage appears to be in turmoil as Kess’s wife, Angel, has accused him of infidelity and domestic abuse.

Angel claimed that she had been financially supporting Kess and his family throughout their marriage. She was devastated when she discovered that he was cheating on her with Christy O, whom he is currently living with in Lekki due to financial constraints.

Suspecting his unfaithfulness, Angel confronted Kess, who predictably denied the allegations. However, her suspicions were confirmed when she stumbled upon chat messages that proved her fears.

Responding to his wife’s claims, Kess described her as highly manipulative, crazy, insecure, and someone who enjoys causing confusion by speaking from both sides of her mouth.

He admitted that while he was aware of her craziness, he had no idea of the extent of it.

This woman that I married, I knew she was crãzy, but what I didn’t know was the extent of the craziness, how far she can go to bring me down, that’s the only thing I didn’t know. She’s very manipulative, she’s a psychologist, she’s highly manipulative and insecure, she likes to bring confusion, she speaks from two sides of her mouth, you people don’t know what this lady is capable of. I’m just here to clear up two things, this woman is very insecure, if I comb my hair, she reads meaning to it, if I take a picture or dress well or if I’m with my phone and it rings, problem, everything I do problem.”

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