Why Men Should Choose Boxers Over Briefs – Advice from Aproko Doctor

Why Men Should Choose Boxers Over Briefs - Advice from Aproko Doctor

In the latest update, Aproko Doctor has shared advice regarding the benefits of Nigerian men wearing boxers while sleeping. He emphasised the importance of properly caring for the testicles, as they are naturally situated outside the body.

Furthermore, he cautioned against wearing overly tight briefs, as they can hinder airflow and potentially contribute to a decrease in sperm count. Aproko Doctor recommended that men switch to boxers for improved comfort and fertility.

Additionally, he suggested that Nigerian girls consider gifting boxers to their boyfriends instead of briefs. It is worth noting that Aproko Doctor previously issued a significant warning to girls in January.

In that instance, he highlighted the hygienic advantages of using water rather than tissue for anal cleansing. He explained that even with tissue usage, there may still be residual particles that can harbor bacteria. By using water, he emphasized that thorough cleansing can be achieved, ensuring better hygiene in the anal area.

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