Whitemoney Pledges to Rewatch Adekunle and Pere’s Fight Once the Show Ends

Whitemoney Pledges to Rewatch Adekunle and Pere’s Fight Once the Show Ends

Whitemoney, a prominent housemate of BBNaija All Stars, has shared his response to the recent altercation between Pere and Adekunle, two fellow contestants.

Yesterday, Pere and Adekunle engaged in a heated argument regarding their performance in the Head of House games. During the dispute, Pere made a statement suggesting that Adekunle was being targeted and threatened to confront him outside the house.

Adekunle was displeased with Pere’s comment and issued a warning, asserting that he had no fear and advising Pere to be cautious outside the house as well. The former Level Up star then called out to his followers in Lagos Island, informing them that Pere had alleged he was a marked man.

Adekunle said: “I can also switch up and speak with an accent, you can’t come here and tell me that I’m marked because manigga, you do not effing wanna touch me! Okay? You people in Lagos Island, Pere Egbi said he’s going to touch me outside. You probably don’t know this, but I am not the one to eff with outside the house!”

Whitemoney openly acknowledged his anticipation for the fight between Adekunle and Pere, showing no intention to conceal his interest. Furthermore, he was overheard expressing his immense enjoyment of the altercation.

Whitemoney went on to reveal his plans to document their future fights once he departs from the Big Brother house. He also expressed his intention to re-watch their previous altercation within the house. These were his precise words.

I promise you if I go outside, I must make sure I look for that clip, I must download that clip, I love that clip, I actually like that clip, that’s my takeout.”


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