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Victory to Yoruba-Igbo Man Anthony Chinasa-Abiola, Wins Seat In Abia House Of Assembly

Victory to Yoruba-Igbo Man Anthony Chinasa-Abiola, Wins Seat In Abia House Of Assembly

Anthony Chinasa-Abiola, a Yoruba man, has been elected to represent Umuahia Central Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly, in a remarkable demonstration of unity and emphasis on competence over tribal affiliations. Running under the Labour Party, Abiola’s candidacy has been highly praised for promoting harmony among Nigeria’s diverse communities.

Initially, concerns were raised about the Abiola name and how it related to his candidacy, but Anthony Chinasa-Abiola quickly dismissed such concerns, clarifying that the name was a nickname and that he is, in fact, a full-blooded Igbo man. He further explained that his father is Yoruba, while his mother is Igbo.

See people’s reactions below:

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@seye_oyekunle FAKE NEWS ALERT! Hon. Anthony Chinasa (aka Abiola), who won 1 of the Abia State House of Assembly seats is NOT a Yoruba man as some Obidients are portraying. See the Video of Him Speaking to DEBUNK THE FAKE NEWS. He is an IGBO MAN #SanwoOlu #GRVIsComing #IgbosinLagos Lagos Okota
@Ekwulu Anthony Chinasa Abiola, has been declared winner of Umuahia Central state constituency in Abia state under the @NgLabour His father is Yoruba while his mum is igbo.
@Shizzlemajizzle Chinasa Abiola Contested for a House of Rep Position in Abia State and Won!… Nobody said he had Tainted Blood.. Nobody said we own Abia therefore Abiola should not represent us in Abia. Instead the Igbos supported him because he is COMPETENT.
@DavidMOlorogun I am so happy for Hon. Chinasa Abiola on his HoA victory in Abia Igbos really don’t care about tribe and religion when competence is on the ballot. Our politicians are the problem. May Chinasa Abiola become a breath of fresh air to his constituents
@Voiceof_theEast Hon. Chinasa Abiola has been elected to represent Umuahia Central State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly. You can see the people lifting him up in jubilation. We can be better Congratulations Hon. Agreement is Agreement
@MaziGomez_ Hon. Chinasa Abiola whose mum is Igbo and Dad Yoruba just won an election in Abia state.
@OLUCHI_OGUIKE Chinasa- Abiola full blooded Yoruba young man contested in Abia &Won Nobody beating/killing but celebration Yoruba APC Shame #INECElectionResult Igbos in Lagos Governorship #GRVIsComing Kaduna Northerners Anambra Olumide RCCG Abia Alex Otti Oyo State May Nigeria Biafra Badagry
@Sports_Doctor2 Congratulations Hon. Anthony Chinasa-Abiola, you’re a born and bred nwa afor, you’re an IGBO man, and congrats on your win Abiola nwanne’m 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@OneJoblessBoy “I’m not a Yoruba man. The Abiola is a ‘guy name’. I don’t need to debunk it”
@RobinaxOg Chinasa-Abiola just won his seat and his people are hugging him and celebrating. He is not need to hide his Yoruba side to win in Abia state. Hope you guys see the lesson in this.
@tonydaymn10 Remember him? Anthony Chinasa Abiola of LP has won his election for Umuahia Central state Constituency of Abia state. No one discriminated against him!!!
@AbiolaChinasa I have just been declared the winner of Umuahia central constituency.. thank you so much the obedient people of abia state. We’re here to deliver #obidients
@NaijaPRO_ Chinasa Abiola won his

Abiola has received numerous congratulations on social media, with many individuals highlighting the significance of merit and personal attributes rather than tribal associations. A user observed that Abiola did not face any discrimination during the election, and another emphasized that the Igbos backed him based on his perceived competence.

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