Twitter User Makes Surprising Observation – Burna Boy’s Concert Went Unnoticed

Twitter User Makes Surprising Observation - Burna Boy's Concert Went Unnoticed

In a recent social media post, a Twitter user made an unexpected disclosure about musician Burna Boy. She shared her observation that Burna Boy had held a concert the previous day, but it seemed that nobody was aware of it.

Furthermore, she noted the absence of any trending videos capturing his performance.

Burna Boy did a Concert yesterday and Nobody Heard about it, No Trending videos of his performance!! Chai Una “outsiders”

However, her remarks received criticism from other internet users who drew comparisons between Burna Boy and Davido.

One Moyosleek had this to say, “He does not need fake hype. What he needs is what he got yesterday. So that’s true. Not an audio one.”

Queen of the Sun had this to say “because he does not do fake giveaways.”subtly shading Davido.

Joyce Ape had this to say, “No be to do concerts. How many people come to your concerts?”

Simply Won had this to say, “Burna is a one man army. Everyone comes at him. Is he the air you people breathe? Allow him. I beg.

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