Tinubu Highlights Accountable Judicial Systems as Solution to Coup Plots in Address to ECOWAS Judges

Tinubu Highlights Accountable Judicial Systems as Solution to Coup Plots in Address to ECOWAS Judges

President Bola Tinubu has emphasized the significance of accountable judicial systems in effectively addressing the resurgence of military coups and strengthening democracy across West Africa.

During a meeting with a delegation from the ECOWAS Judicial Council, led by Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of the Council, President Tinubu expressed his commitment to transformative democracy and highlighted the judiciary’s role in safeguarding democratic principles.

“We believe that the judiciary can protect democracy, and we are dedicated to supporting you as learned minds with the necessary expertise and institutional knowledge to comprehensively reform our institutions,” President Tinubu stated. “As the Chairman of ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, I assure you that the judiciary is one of the pillars in protecting our democracy. It is through this commitment that we can make a difference on the continent.”

President Tinubu congratulated the judges from member states who participated in the council meeting, commending the successful conclusion of their deliberations. He assured them that their recommendations would be carefully considered by the heads of state and government of ECOWAS.

“We will work together to ensure that your expertise is utilized to promote justice within our democratic experiences, both on the continent and in the region. You truly represent the last hope of the common man across our sub-region,” added President Tinubu.

Justice Ariwoola, speaking on behalf of the ECOWAS Judicial Council, reiterated the council’s commitment to facilitating the effective functioning of the ECOWAS judicial system. He highlighted the establishment of two sub-committees to address crucial judiciary-related issues in the region.

The first sub-committee will focus on reviewing and improving the council’s rules of procedure, which have been identified as inadequate. Members from Benin Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone have been entrusted with this task.

The second sub-committee will address the enforcement of judgements issued by the Community Court, as tasked by the Council of Ministers. This complex matter will be handled by representatives from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cabo Verde, and Togo.

Both sub-committees will present their findings to the Judicial Council, which will subsequently make recommendations to the Authority of Heads of State and Government.

The need to address military coups in the West Africa region, including the Niger coup in July 2023, has prompted a renewed focus on promoting accountable judicial systems to uphold democratic processes.

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