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Strongman – Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss) MP3 | Music Download

Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss) by Strongman

Strongman – Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)
Song Information
Song Title:Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)
Category:Latest Gh Music
Year Released:2023
Genre:Hip hop

Download Strongman – Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)

Get ready for some fiery rap showdown as Strongman takes the stage with his latest release, “Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss).” This highly anticipated track showcases Strongman’s lyrical prowess and his ability to deliver hard-hitting rhymes.

With sharp wordplay and clever punchlines, “Short Man” is a direct response to Kweku Smoke, highlighting Strongman’s confidence and skill as an emcee.

The track’s energetic beats and intense delivery create an electrifying atmosphere that will have rap enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Brace yourself for a rap battle like no other as Strongman unleashes his lyrical arsenal in the music.

Listen and download “Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)” below;


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