South African Social Media Star Cyan Boujee Caught in Widespread Video Controversy

Cyan Boujee Controversy: Widespread Reaction to Personal Video with DJ Prince Kaybee that got people talking

South African Social Media Star Cyan Boujee Caught in Widespread Video Controversy

South African social media star Cyan Boujee is at the center of a widespread controversy due to a leaked private video. Known for her popular YouTube channel “Boujee Space” with over 86,000 subscribers and her engaging vlogs, Boujee is a familiar face to many. She also has a large following on Instagram, where she shares aspects of her life and various events she attends.

Recently, Boujee has been embroiled in a scandal involving an intimate video that quickly spread across social media platforms, including YouTube. This video, showing her in a personal moment with a man, rapidly went viral. Reports indicate that the man in the video is South African DJ Prince Kaybee, whom Boujee has acknowledged as a former romantic partner.

The relationship between Boujee and Prince Kaybee dates back to when she was 19 years old. The authenticity of the video is now confirmed, sparking intense online searches for the footage. The incident, now known as the ‘Cyan Boujee scandal’, has become a hot topic of discussion, particularly since Boujee has previously admitted to a close relationship with Kaybee.

There’s been much speculation about why the video was leaked, with some thinking it might have been for publicity. Others support Boujee, suggesting the video might have been released without her permission. This isn’t Boujee’s first controversy; she was once arrested on suspicion of stealing an iPhone 13, but the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

In response to the widespread interest and numerous questions from her followers, Boujee has recently spoken out. She confirmed that the video with DJ Prince Kaybee was intentionally made, revealing that this was her first intimate relationship. This admission has surprised many of her followers.

For those who want to follow Cyan Boujee’s ongoing story, she can be found on Instagram at @cyan.boujee24.

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