Sandra Iheuwa Reveals Nancy Iheme as a Contributing Factor to the End of Her Marriage

Sandra Iheuwa Reveals Nancy Iheme as a Contributing Factor to the End of Her Marriage

Sandra Iheuwa, a businesswoman and the former partner of Ubi Franklin, has opened up about a contributing factor to the end of her marriage with Steve Thompson. In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Sandra accused actress Nancy Iheme of playing a role in the collapse of her relationship.

Sandra alleged that Nancy was involved in a romantic relationship with her ex-husband both before and during their marriage. According to Sandra, her ex-husband himself disclosed this information to her and even provided evidence in the form of direct messages (DMs) exchanged between him and Nancy.

While providing insights into the situation, Sandra revealed that she became aware of the affair due to her ex-husband’s confession and the evidence he presented, shedding light on Nancy’s alleged involvement and its impact on their marriage.

Nancy Iheme happened when I was married to Steve. Steve talks a lot when I was married to Steve. Steve talks a lot, he says a lot of things. He was the one that opened up and was showing his DM between him and Nancy before I was married to him. So I didn’t understand why she was at the wedding.

He showed me DMS that they had sexual intercourse or whatever together.

Speaking on Nancy Iheme’s appearance at her wedding she said, “Yes I didn’t understand it. I was like, ‘What’s this lady doing here? And there was a time that my ex-husband, during our honeymoon brought breakfast and was giving me breakfast in bed. She made a slick comment under that and I didn’t find it funny. I told him, look at what she saying. I think he made her delete the comment. So since then, I can’t. I don’t know how to pretend. I tell people the way it is. I’m not the kind of person that if you’re my friend or if I see someone doing something that doesn’t sit well with me. Of course, I have to say something. I’m not going to keep quiet”.

My husband was cheating on me with different women and Nancy Iheme was one of them. This was one of the issue that made me leave my marriage.


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