Portable Gives Advice to Israel – “If You Had Married Four Wives Like Me, You Wouldn’t Be Worried”

Portable Gives Advice to Israel - “If You Had Married Four Wives Like Me, You Wouldn't Be Worried”

Portable has weighed in on the marriage controversy between Israel DMW and his wife, Sheila Courage, offering his perspective on the matter. He suggested that if Israel had followed his example and married four wives, he wouldn’t be facing his current predicament.

According to Portable, having multiple wives would provide Israel with alternative options to fall back on. In a video shared on social media, Portable acknowledged being a lover boy himself but emphasized the importance of having more than one wife.

He expressed that he takes good care of all his wives without any issues and highlighted that if one person decides to leave him, he would still have others to rely on.

Earlier, Israel DMW had taken to his Instagram page to reveal details about his marriage to Sheila Courage, his now-estranged wife. Despite initially emphasizing the importance of marrying a virgin, Israel’s marriage with Sheila, which took place in October 2022, seemed to have hit a rough patch when she removed all traces of him from her Instagram page in August 2023.

Israel had recently attempted to reconcile with her by referring to her as “my wife” on his Instagram story. However, Sheila responded by dismissing it as a figment of his imagination.

Since news broke of their marriage split, Sheila has taken to her own Instagram page to share details about the breakup and its underlying reasons. She revealed enduring physical and emotional abuse from Israel and being accused of intentionally avoiding pregnancy. Sheila also disclosed that Israel resorted to trolling and insulting her mother whenever he had the chance, and these accumulated factors led her to make the decision to leave.


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