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Port Corridor Gridlock an International Embarrassment – NPA MD, Bello-Koko

Port Corridor Gridlock an International Embarrassment - NPA MD, Bello-Koko

Mohammed Bello-Koko, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, has expressed concern over the traffic gridlock along port access roads, stating that it is causing international embarrassment and hampering productivity.

Bello-Koko emphasized the need for stakeholders in the sector to collaborate effectively to put an end to the persistent gridlock on port access roads.

He highlighted that the agency’s commitment to maintaining smooth traffic flow is not a coincidence but a deliberate approach.

“Port access roads serve as international corridors, which means that traffic congestion on these critical road networks not only hampers port productivity but also brings international shame. It requires the collective efforts of all stakeholders to address this issue in a sustainable manner,” Bello-Koko stated.

While acknowledging that the causes of the gridlock extend beyond the control of the NPA, he emphasized the agency’s responsibility as the gateway to the national economy to take a leading role in resolving this problem.

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