Oxlade Reveals Why He Restricted Mohbad ‘I Only Do It for People I Care About’

Oxlade Reveals Why He Restricted Mohbad 'I Only Do It for People I Care About'

After the passing of Mohbad, numerous celebrities have faced criticism from netizens who believe they were not attentive to Mohbad during his lifetime. One celebrity who received significant backlash was Oxlade.

Oxlade has now decided to address the reason behind restricting the account of his “friend” Mohbad while he was still alive. Oxlade explained that he restricted the account because he did not have constant access to his social media.

Consequently, he wanted to personally respond to Mohbad’s messages and did not want his team to handle them on his behalf. Oxlade emphasized that the decision to restrict Mohbad’s account was a personal one based on his desire to handle the communication himself.

Tape drop. I no talk

Law suit matter. I no talk

Lost endorsements. I still did not send.

You drag me for tiktok. Call me oxtail. The fact that the dr put me on vocal rest for nodules, you people still neva cared but I still never send.

On THIS matta I won’t be quiet.

How do you think people like me manage the DMs? We have teams. I restrict certain accounts to onlv me / my phone so onlv I can reply.

I’m not clearing my name. I am giving you facts.

I’ve lost a friend and I can’t even grieve properly because elders and blogs want to use me for click bait. Fie mg against bullving but you are bullying me. Make it make sense..

Im not speaking on this again please. Let’s focus on getting justice. Make una use una time do better thing and leave other people to live”

“Note: I only restrict accounts I have a personal relationship with, because my label runs my account in other not to miss important bookings and business conversations. So the restricted account is a way of pointing out to my label that the messages from these accounts are private and they come from my close friends

I have been getting death threats ever since the event unveiled but I no take anything personal because everything happens for a reason. You can silent me with a scandal but you can never dim my light. Imole? season for a reason. Love; Gaza”

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