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OMG!! See Photos of 2 Nigerians nearly beaten to death in South Africa 


Two Nigerians nearly lost their lives over the weekend after they were nearly beaten to death in South Africa.
Two Nigerians were at the weekend nearly beaten to death by South Africans. The graphic photos were circulated online after the incident took place at Kuruman, Northern Cape.

Martin Ogbaje who shared the photos said that the guys were almost murdered if not for the help of police officers.
He said: “May God save us in this country South Africa, two Nigeria guys almost murdered yesterday in Kuruman Northern Cape. If not because of Police help, their lives could have been a story by now.”
It is not clear what the Nigerians were accused of doing, but the new xenophobic attack might targeted at Nigerians has raised concerns over the lives of Nigerians in foreign lands and what the government is doing to arrest the situation.
Punase Rachel Phete replying on the comment section wrote: “Ugo Martin Ogbaje why don’t you tell your country men the truth? You are busy destroying the lives of the youth and expect us to fold hands and watch….it won’t happen. We are saying # to hell with drugs in SA #”
I still believe that you stayed too long here.”
Onyon Julius Odianosen Jnr replied: “They don’t hate Nigerians cuz of drugs, they hate Nigerians for always succeeding and also hate foreigners dat succeed. They don’t want you to succeed cuz de can’t succeed and are lazy to.”
Eniade Adedeji added:
“Accusing people of drugs to cover their laziness…. South Africans should try and be hardworking.”
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