Odumodu Bl^ck Praises Omah Lay as His Favorite Nigerian Artist

Odumodu Bl^ck Praises Omah Lay as His Favorite Nigerian Artist

Renowned rap artist Odumodu Bl^ck recently expressed his unwavering admiration for fellow Nigerian musician Omah Lay, capturing attention with his heartfelt praise.

Taking to Twitter, Odumodu openly declared Omah Lay as his favorite Nigerian artist, emphasizing that he never misses an opportunity to mention him in his interviews. According to Odumodu, Omah Lay possesses a distinct God-given talent that sets him apart from others.

Interestingly, Odumodu highlighted that despite Omah Lay’s reserved and calm demeanor, he feels the artist does not receive the recognition he deserves. He commended Omah Lay’s music, describing his melodies as divine and encouraging skeptics to examine the charts, where evidence of his success can be found.

In Odumodu’s view, Omah Lay’s music stands out for its purity, relying solely on artistic merit rather than funding or swag. He believes Omah Lay represents the most influential sound in the current music scene.

In an unexpected turn, Odumodu’s recent list of top five artists excluded the popular figure Wizkid, which sparked dissatisfaction among Wizkid’s fans. Odumodu clarified that his choices were based on current trends, and since Wizkid had taken a break from music, he did not make the cut.

In a related revelation, Odumodu disclosed that a collaboration with another artist, Tems, was unlikely due to her high feature cost, estimated at approximately 500 million Naira, an amount he is not prepared to spend.

However, not all news surrounding Odumodu has been positive. Recently, he faced criticism from his female fans who accused him of derogatory and demeaning lyrics in his songs, alleging disrespect towards women. Despite the controversy, Odumodu continues to make waves in the music industry with his candid opinions and unique perspectives on fellow artists.


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