NIPOST and NIS Collaborate to Minimize Passport Collection Delays

NIPOST and NIS Collaborate to Minimize Passport Collection Delays

The Nigerian Postal Service has announced its intention to partner with the Nigeria Immigration Service in order to enhance the efficiency of passport collection procedures.

During a visit to the Acting Comptroller General of the NIS, Caroline Wura-Ola Adepoju, the Postmaster General/Chief Executive Officer of NIPOST, Sunday Adepoju, shared this plan.

Mr. Adepoju emphasized that this collaboration is crucial because NIPOST has been working on implementing an integrated service delivery model. By joining forces with the Nigeria Immigration Service, they aim to streamline the process and reduce the time it takes for individuals to receive their passports.

The objective behind this joint effort is to improve the overall turnaround time for passport collection, making it more convenient and expedient for Nigerian citizens. The partnership between NIPOST and the NIS demonstrates a commitment to providing efficient services and enhancing the experiences of individuals in obtaining their passports.

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“This service incorporates various government services and information which would be provided to citizens in a one-stop shop environment using several channels to meet different needs of the citizens at selected post office locations nationwide. 

“With this proposal, NIS will leverage NIPOST infrastructure for the collection of passports and adopting the postal network as an e-fulfillment centre for enhancing the digital economy,” he explained. 

Adepoju also mentioned that the development entails establishing a sustainable and integrated framework for the e-passport process, courier services, and address verification validation. He explained that this approach would align and unify the various e-government initiatives within the agency, while also strengthening the productive collaboration between NIPOST and NIS.

In response, the acting CG of NIS expressed her appreciation to NIPOST for implementing a standardized digital postcode system, which would greatly assist the agency in issuing Nigerian passports. She emphasized that this partnership aims to address the challenges faced by Nigerians during the passport registration process, reduce the waiting time for biometric data capture, and streamline passport processing to make it more efficient and expedient. The collaboration seeks to alleviate the difficulties Nigerian citizens encounter when obtaining their passports.

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Furthermore, she commended the management of NIPOST for developing an address verification system, which represents a significant breakthrough in identity management. According to her, this system is a major initiative in forensic crime management and holds great potential for enhancing security measures.

She added, “The service will continue to explore ways and cultivate strategic partnerships to help her fulfil her mandate to Nigerians.” 

The Postmaster General and the acting CG reached an agreement to establish a framework for their future collaboration. This framework will be developed and implemented in the coming period to solidify their working relationship.

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