Netizens React to Viral Video of Olamide Bowing to Greet Junior Colleague Omah Lay

Netizens React to Viral Video of Olamide Bowing to Greet Junior Colleague Omah Lay

Olamide, an acclaimed music icon, has caused a stir on the internet with a video showing him bowing to greet his junior colleague, Omah Lay.

In the viral footage, the two artists, who previously collaborated on a song, met up, and to the surprise of many, Olamide showed humility by bowing before Omah Lay, despite his greater social status and influence. The video captured the moment when 35-year-old Olamide bowed to greet 26-year-old Omah Lay, who in turn reciprocated the gesture with a bow.

The video has sparked varied reactions online, with some defending Olamide’s respectful gesture towards Omah Lay, while others have criticised it.

One Stardom Gys wrote, “Olamide is so humble, respectful and not dramatic unlike most of una fav

One Ademola IP wrote, “Normal Omah Lay big pass Olamide

One Holy Spireet wrote, “Respect is reciprocal you know

One Smart Jnrr wrote, “Olamide no be him mate!! He’s just naturally respectful

One Kuku Boyy wrote, “That’s Baddo for you, he’s always blowing his head if he’s greeting people. Humility at it’s peak

One Sweetony wrote, “Egbon wey dey regret say e no sign Omah Lay.

One Otobo Abraham wrote, “Omah Lay big pass Olamide normally

One Adewale Qudus Oyegbade wrote, “He no go bend keh, Omah Lay gave him his highest streaming song

One Rex Cruci wrote, “He’s respecting the talent Omah Lay possesses. It’s not about being a senior colleague”.

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