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Mother  says:  ‘I’d rather let my 27 year old daughter get married at 30’ – Adesua Onyenokwe

Adesuwa Onyenokwe says she would rather have her 27 year old daughter get married at 30 when she is a lot matured and ready for marriage. Speaking in an interview with Kemi Adetiba on the series, King Women, Adesuwa said she is happy to have the kind of relationship she has with her first daughter.

“I am happy I have a relationship with her. She is 27 and all her friends are getting married and she called me up the other day and said Mum, aren’t you worried? and I said worried about what?
I would rather you get married at 30 when you are a bit more matured and you know what you are doing. And she goes don’t tell your friends that oh and I said but that is the truth. I know I would like to have a grandchild but I want you to be prepared and ready.
She said but you got married at 25 and I said yes because I was lucky, period! I found the guy that I wanted at 25. He was ready, I was ready. Stop being under any pressure. If you have not found the guy, you have not found the guy. period. I desire her to be married because I am enjoying my marriage”she said
Source – Dailytimes

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