Mofe Duncan Expresses Anger as Movie Producer Publicly Humiliates Him

Mofe Duncan Expresses Anger as Movie Producer Publicly Humiliates Him

Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan, finds himself deeply upset after being publicly called out by a movie producer.

The producer, known as Babies, openly criticized the actor for his absence on set, accusing him of disrupting the movie production by failing to show up for a crucial scene.

According to the movie producer, Mofe’s reputation is tarnished as he has developed a pattern of causing disruptions and inconveniences on multiple production sets.

Asking for a refund, he wrote, “Mofe or whatever you call yourself, how can you be paid for a job and don’t show up? Honestly, you all do too much in this industry. You take money from producers and don’t Deliver? I’m really ashamed of you. You were paid for a job from the 26th to the 30th, you asked for the 28th off because of your birthday which was granted to you. How dare you mess up my set Mofe?? How dare you. What happened to other casts waiting for you? What happen to the paid locations, equipments, and others @realchuksnwali I told you before this dude isn’t a good person he has messed up my girlfriend’s setup before and you still went ahead and paid him for my Job.
Refund me my money. What rubbish!!!”.

Mofe Duncan took to his Instagram page to address the movie producer’s attempt to tarnish his character. In a strong response, he firmly rebuked the producer, asserting that his attempts to defame him will not succeed. Mofe expressed his unwavering faith in a higher power, stating that his God is alive and the protective prayers of his mother are with him.

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Providing context to the situation, Mofe shared the details of what had occurred. He explained that on the morning of his birthday, he encountered heavy traffic that caused significant delays. Despite the challenging circumstances, he remained steadfast in his dedication to his spiritual beliefs. Mofe revealed that he took the opportunity while in his car, coming from another production, to engage in his midnight prayers.

By sharing this insight into his experience, Mofe aimed to provide a more complete picture of the circumstances surrounding his absence from the movie scene. He sought to assure his followers and supporters that he remains committed to his craft and values his professional obligations.

You will not affect the joy I’ve felt over the past couple of days!

You feel because you paid actors you own them? Our lives must stop because you paid us? Your post was premature and extremely ungrateful and you think Instagram callouts are the best way to handle things?? I am not afraid of it and will never be!

Did you speak to me at all? Did you call me to ask?? Did I even discuss with you on this fucking job??? It’s from this idiotic screenshot that was sent to me I even knew who owned the film I have been busting my ass got.

Because of your production, I was stuck in traffic till 1:30 am on the morning of my 40th birthday. I said my midnight prayers to God in my car coming from your fucking production!!!! And still showed up the next day 29th, exhausted, hung over, and nursing a migraine and still fucking shot till 4:30 pm. Got stuck in traffic heading for my scheduled evening and got there late only to wake up to this bullshit post whilst on my way to your fucking production!!!!

I am an Anointed being! I am Mofe Duncan!! You don’t defame my character and get away with it! My God is alive, my mother’s prayers are on me and I know who I fucking am!”.

Mofe Duncan Expresses Anger as Movie Producer Publicly Humiliates Him

Mofe Duncan Expresses Anger as Movie Producer Publicly Humiliates Him

Mofe Duncan Expresses Anger as Movie Producer Publicly Humiliates Him

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