Mixed Reactions to Iyabo Ojo’s Comment on Allegations of Land Grabbing by Lizzy Anjorin’s Husband, Calling for Maturity

Mixed Reactions to Iyabo Ojo's Comment on Allegations of Land Grabbing by Lizzy Anjorin's Husband, Calling for Maturity

Faith Ojo, a well-known filmmaker and entrepreneur, has accused Lateef Lawal, the husband of Lizzy Anjorin, of unlawfully taking her land in Lagos. Adding fuel to the fire, Iyabo Ojo, who has an ongoing feud with Lizzy Anjorin, reposted Faith Ojo’s allegations on Instagram.

As previously reported by Vistanaij Media, Iyabo Ojo shared Faith Ojo’s statement online, where she accused Lateef Lawal of engaging in land grabbing. In her post, Iyabo Ojo also made light of previous accusations against her, claiming that she framed Lizzy Anjorin. The response to Iyabo Ojo’s post was mixed, with some netizens expressing their discontent while others cheered her on in the comment section. Here are a few comments from Ojo’s post:

ucheelendu wrote, “Oh no this nice woman shouldn’t be going through this”

olokobukola wrote, “You didn’t have to bring it to your page”

philbest23 wrote, “Can’t you just be matured for
once ????? Must you reply every thing?????”

beautybyyomola wrote, “Her matter pass ordinary! I saw one of her fans, this woman was crying with catarrh coming out that last week o, that they framed her, set up ni! Moni ahhhhhh, person mama, if I see my mama do this kind thing, I go offend God cos what level of gullibility are we to call this? Na blood she go cry this week, I must go Ketu dis week go see her”

midecupoftee wrote, “Lizzy don snatch rubbish since this man enter her life it has always been from one Wahala to another trouble”

mira diamond wrote, “She will say both of them are OJO’s”

everythingmayowa wrote, “Lizzy problem at this point is spiritual, when they were begging her to stop cursing kids she no hear, those little creatures head strong gann”

_iamgolden_ wrote, “lamshai fa fall hope u stand with her on court too…awon alabosi”

wendeesbakery wrote, “They don’t know what they are doing.. Leave them to God na lizard n her hubby her wahala, they should sort it”

gemstonescentsation wrote, “Why is one person always a target of setup??? If someone is always setting her up then she should check herself”

queen dacosta1 wrote, “Those unless set of people fit talk say na you do this one again ooo”

kween_ demmy wrote, “Queen mother jus Dey set everybody up We love you jare Queen mother”

bolanlemakanju wrote, “The good thing is that people supporting Her actually know the Truth but hard pill for them to take. Thief na thief no two Names.”


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