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Time Assertive by Khaid

Khaid - Tribute To Mohbad
Song Information
Song Title:Time Assertive
Artist Name:Khaid
Category:Latest Coming Soon

Khaid – Time Assertive

Khaid really brings it with his new song that’s catching a lot of buzz. “Time Assertive” mixes cool beats with lyrics that hit home. It’s got a style that’s both fresh and classic, making it stand out in today’s music mix.

This song is special because it blends different sounds, creating a vibe that’s perfect for just chilling or getting hyped. It’s picking up fans fast for its catchy rhythm and unique style.

Khaid’s “Time Assertive” is all about showing off his knack for tunes that are relatable and fun. It’s a top pick for anyone who loves music that’s new but still feels familiar.


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