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Kebbi Government Forms 13-Member Committee to Probe Warehouse Looting

Kebbi Government Forms 13-Member Committee to Probe Warehouse Looting

The government of Kebbi State has formed a committee comprising 13 individuals to examine the incidents of theft and develop strategies to prevent their recurrence.

Led by Alhaji Shehu Mu’azu, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, the committee has been given five days to conduct a thorough investigation into the looting that took place at the government warehouse in Birnin Kebbi, where food items were unlawfully taken by criminals.

The decision to create the committee was made during a meeting of the State Executive Council, chaired by Deputy Governor Alhaji Umar Abubakar-Tafida, in Benin Kebbi on Monday.

During the meeting, the council also approved a substantial subsidy of N3.34 billion to alleviate the financial burden on 3,344 Muslims embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

This subsidy, amounting to N1 million per pilgrim, was introduced to offset the increased Hajj fare, which is attributed to fluctuating naira-dollar exchange rates.

Alhaji Yakubu Ahmad, the Commissioner for Information and Culture, stated that this gesture exemplified Governor Nasir Idris’s dedication to upholding religious values and promoting societal harmony.

“Out of the additional fares of approximately N2 million requested by NAHCON, the Kebbi government has covered N1 million per pilgrim, while the remaining balance should be paid by individual pilgrims to complete the payment. Pilgrims who have completed payment of the fares will also benefit from the government’s generosity of N1 million,” he said.

Addressing concerns about the looting incidents, Ahmad highlighted the establishment of the investigative committee, which aims to identify the root causes of the looting, apprehend the culprits, and propose preventive measures.

Mu’azu revealed that a significant portion of the looted rice belonged to Birnin Kebbi Local Government and was part of the relief measures distributed by the state government across the 21 local government areas.

Despite the setback, Mu’azu commended the efforts of security personnel who managed to recover over 2,000 bags of grains, thus mitigating the losses incurred during the looting spree.

With a tight deadline set for Friday, the committee is expected to deliver comprehensive findings and recommendations to prevent future occurrences, ensuring the security and stability of food distribution systems in Kebbi State.

“The committee members have been given a five-day timeframe, starting from now until Friday, to investigate the underlying causes of the incident, identify individuals or groups involved, and provide appropriate advice to the government to prevent a recurrence,” the commissioner stated.

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