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Impact of Fuel Subsidy Removal and Inflation on Healthcare Delivery in Yobe, Says Commissioner

Impact of Fuel Subsidy Removal and Inflation on Healthcare Delivery in Yobe, Says Commissioner

The removal of fuel subsidy, inflation, and the escalating prices of medications due to foreign exchange rates have had a detrimental effect on healthcare services in Yobe State.

Dr Muhammad Lawan Gana, the Commissioner for Health in the state, highlighted these concerns during the validation of the Yobe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (YSCHMA) operational guidelines for stakeholders in the state capital, Damaturu.

Expressing deep worry over the soaring costs of medicines, the Commissioner explained that the state government, in collaboration with YSCHMA, is diligently working to ensure that the financial payment mechanism of the agency covers the approximately 200,000 individuals registered under it.

He further elaborated that clients enrolled in the scheme at healthcare facilities have begun expressing their distress over the expensive medications. In response, the Ministry of Health, in partnership with YSCHMA and UNICEF, is undertaking a review of the operational guidelines of the contributory scheme to ensure its effectiveness and success.

This step aims to address the growing concerns surrounding healthcare affordability and accessibility, particularly in light of the challenges posed by the removal of fuel subsidy, inflation, and foreign exchange rates impacting medication prices. By working collaboratively, the relevant stakeholders aspire to overcome these obstacles and enhance the provision of quality healthcare services to the people of Yobe State.

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