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I’m not switching to hip hop – K1 de Ultimate says 


One of the most respected Fuji musicians, K1 the Ultimate, has allayed the fears of some of his core fans that he is switching to hip hop music. He told Sunday Scoop, “I’m not tilting towards hip hop but presenting Nigerian entertainment the way it should be. Collaborations are a vital part of keeping abreast of happenings from one generation to the other. For instance, I worked with Olamide so we could have a fusion of sounds.”

Shedding light on how he takes care of his voice, he said, “I treat my voice by resting a lot and not overloading it. This is what I have been doing for the past 40 years. I don’t damage my voice by using some substances just because other people are using them. Whenever you are tired, everything about you, including your voice, goes to sleep. You have to rest because even if you use drugs, you would still need to rest and it may have already caused damages. That is nature and you cannot do anything about it. Everybody must have plans for their lives. As for me, I work hard and when I’m not working, I’m at home. I’m a family man. I usually go on vacation every year and I do that during Ramadan, so I can recharge myself physically and mentally. Fuji music is not for trouble makers. All genres of music have fans that fight whenever they are excited. It is something that happens in a lot of places and not just in Fuji music.”
The legendary singer stated that his inspiration is a blessing from God which comes from what he sees and things that happen around him. “Singing is what I know how to do best and I stick to it,” he said.
Clarifying his stand on politics, K1 said, “I’m in politics already but I have never sought for elective office. I believe that everybody is a politician; as long as you interact with people. I am a card-carrying member of APC.”
The performer also said he has perpetual thirst for knowledge. “One of the greatest things anyone can do for him/herself is to be trained to be able to overcome challenges. I learn from people around me every day and I read a lot,” he said.
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