Harrysong Recounts Ordeal, Claims He Could Have Met a Similar Fate as Mohbad in Former Label

Harrysong Recounts Ordeal, Claims He Could Have Met a Similar Fate as Mohbad in Former Label

Following the tragic death of the young and promising singer Mohbad, which has been linked to the mistreatment he endured in his former label, several artists have come forward to share their own experiences of hardship within the music industry.

One such artist is singer Harrysong, who revealed that he narrowly escaped a similar fate in the hands of his former label, thanks to the grace of God and the support of good people around him.

Harrysong recounted the torment, attacks, abuse, and consecutive obstacles he faced simply because he wished to move on from his previous label. He described his harrowing experience as “hell,” expressing how the public readily believed every negative thing said about him and how he was subjected to bullying from all sides.

If not for the grace of God, with the help of some very few good men. I would’ve also died in the hands of my former label. The torment, attacks, abuses, and operations back to back. Just bcos I’ve served and wanted to move on and grow a little for myself. It was hell for me, the general public believed everything they said about me then. Fans, supporters, and show promoters, bullying me everywhere. In fact, one of my friends said he would buy drunks, and celebrate if I die of hunger and depression. Am alive today just for the few that stood for me and by me. Cus they know the true story and refuse to be influenced by lies just to kill an innocent man, record labels should stop these do-or-die things, killing and destroying young talents just because they want to prove label power and supremacy”.

Harrysong Recounts Ordeal, Claims He Could Have Met a Similar Fate as Mohbad in Former Label

The untimely demise of Mohbad has prompted numerous emerging artists to share their distressing experiences with their respective music labels.

One such artist is Tori Keeche, a former signee of acclaimed singer Naira Marley. Tori recently disclosed the mistreatment she endured at the hands of Naira Marley and his team. On her new Instagram page, she revealed how Naira Marley took control of her previous Instagram account after she left the label. She claimed to have overheard discussions of a plot to harm Mohbad and pleaded with them to spare his life, only to face threats in return.

Tori recounted an incident where she was physically assaulted by Sam Larry, Naira Marley’s aide, because she refused to engage in a sexual relationship with him. Additionally, tensions arose between her and Zinoleesky when she advised him to leave the label.

Another artist, former YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa, expressed her dissatisfaction with the treatment she received from her former boss, Olamide, and his wife. She alleged that Olamide’s wife consistently mistreated her, frequently humiliating her by highlighting her humble background from Ilorin.

Temmie described Olamide’s wife as a cruel woman and recounted numerous instances of public humiliation she endured.

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